6 Benefits of Induction Heating

Induction heating provides an economical, efficient and fast method to heat a wide range of conductive materials to an exact temperature. It is highly effective at heating a large area or the more specific part for complete control over the work. Here are a few practical benefits of using induction heating:

Optimized heat

Induction heating is appreciated for its ability to eliminate most of the quality issues and inconsistencies that relate to torch heating, open flame, or similar methods. This heating system once set up and calibrated is designed to give a consistent and repeatable heating pattern that doesn’t require variation or guesswork. Most of the modern systems come with a precise temperature control system for complete ease in control.

Greater productivity

The induction heating system has the ability to heat up almost instantly. There is no warm up or cool down stage to be concerned with and the initial startup is virtually instantaneous. It is a useful option to speed up many processes on the manufacturing floor, such as those related to the soldering or brazing process.

Improved quality

The induction method of heating is useful for improving the quality of the product because the source of heat never comes into direct contact with the heating element or flame. This is appreciated for its ability to lower the risk of distortion, warping and rejection rates. To achieve the best possible results, the part to heat can be placed in an enclosed chamber to help minimize the effects related to oxidation.

Site-specific heat

This is a reliable option to extend the life of the fixture or part because it has the ability to deliver the site-specific heat. It can even heat a very limited section of the part to avoid issues with unwanted heat damage in other areas.

Environmentally sound

Induction is a non-polluting, clean process that doesn’t rely on burning traditional fossil fuels so goes a long way to help the environment. Also, this type of system is free of loud noise, noxious emissions, waste heat and smoke to significantly improve the working conditions for the operators.

Low energy use

Induction heating has the potential to make major reductions in all-round energy use. Nearly 90 percent of the energy created is turned into usable heat. This compares well to about 45% energy-efficiency for the batch furnaces. Also, induction systems need no startup cycle to minimize issues with heat losses.